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With our software, you can create endless sim add-ons, customized just the way you want. The sky's the limit!

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Bits and Droids Advantages

The Lego of Flight Sim Add-Ons

At Bits and Droids, we transform how you interact with flight simulators. Much like Lego, our platform allows you to piece together your custom controls and interfaces with ease. Our commitment is to deliver a system that is not just versatile but also incredibly user-friendly.


What Sets Us Apart

Discover the freedom to innovate your flight simulation experience with our open-source, community-powered scripts.

Easy to Use

Get up and running in no time, with minimal configuration needed.

Unlimited Customization

Create any type of control panel you envision, quickly and with ease, tailored precisely to your needs.

Ready-Made Templates

Thrive with readily integrated inputs and outputs, set up templates for immediate use and easy customization.


Everything You Need in One Place

Our software-based controller simplifies your flight simulation setup, allowing you to build and customize effortlessly.

Microcontroller Required

Start with an Arduino / ESP32 / Teensy / other controller as the backbone of your setup.

Switches and Buttons

Equip your panel with the necessary switches and buttons to match your control preferences.

Sim Events

Source and apply sim events to integrate with your controls, enabling communication with FS2020.

Elevate Your Simulator Experience

Don't settle for less – transform your setup today.

Explore the skies with Bits and Droids' open-source flight simulation tools, powered by community innovation and cutting-edge tech.
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